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Steve Jobs, In Memory of Apple Founder

Salute to the icon of Apple - Mr Steve Jobs


Steve Jobs, the pioneer of the company Apple, passed away in his sleep at an early age of 56. Suffering from a very atypical and fatal form of pancreatic cancer, the man lived a man of utter success and unparalleled achievements in the history of the world of technology.

With his assets amounting to somewhere around US$9 billion at the time when he owned the position of CEO of Apple, the idea of the possessor of so much wealth never affected the man of his character. The company itself made it to around US$400 billion dollars plus it was also included in the list of the Forbes. To call him victorious would be an insult for his life’s mission was something beyond comprehensible to a common man. Belonging to a very humble background he started out selling empty soda bottles to earn a living and some place to reside. His life speaks all about struggle and sheer hard work by first making a breakthrough in Macintosh followed by the ‘i’ series of product that come one after the other on annual basis in the form of ipod, iPad, iPhones and which are by themselves a perfect example of having the entire world in your hands.

As a person he was of very subtle nature. Since money never stray him from his path he can be called as a true gentleman with the sole mission of making technology available to everyone. Though being a founder of Apple, he did perceive it as his ultimate milestone and diverted to other avenues as well such as Pixar, where he bought some stakes. The man having a magic touch turned everything from ordinary to extraordinary.

The great man that he was, it’s no surprise that his death has saddened the whole world. He is not only identified as a creative producer but also an effective speaker who seemed to relate to everyone hence his loss seems very personal to many out there. Having an innovation aura to his personality, his mannerisms depicted a very distinct demeanor of that of a revolution, someone who made his own path to life defying the traditional ways. He developed a following for not just Apple but also for Pixar, assuring that his name surpassed his life.

From a speaker’s perspective he was once again a gem. At the launching of his new products, he never made it the customary way of presenting through power point depictions but made about with pictorials and images that one sees in curtain-opening ceremonies which are all about surprises and joy.

On an aggregate, Steve Jobs was a man who started from zero and went step by step through the ordeal of building a living and reached the height of not just creativity but emerging out as an exemplary figure for what it takes to hard work and lifelong acknowledgement. The mastermind behind Microsoft, Bill Gates, who also worked alongside Steve Jobs in his endeavors puts it very rightfully that Steve Jobs, has showed us all a pathway so let’s now move ahead and follow it.

Steve Jobs was an iconoclast who changed nearly everything of whether it is to watch movies, listen to music or any other aspect of our life and is the maker of the groundbreaking technology of iPads and iPhones. This passionate and brilliant minded person passed away at the age of 56.

The Apple Company has praised the countless services and all those inventions and innovations which have enriched the lives of Apple product users. As per the statement of Apple “the world is better beyond measure because of Steve Jobs.”

The co-founder of Apple and the most recent chairman has been suffering from several health problems after 7 years of a surgery of pancreatic cancer in the year 2004. Because of this reason, Jobs announced a medical leave from the post of CEO of Apple Inc in late August that year. He returned into the business after one and a half year and this time as the chairman of the company.

The debut of Mac operating units in 1984 made a blast in the market and gave an impression that Apple was a tough competitor in the industry of computers. In the year 1986, Steve Jobs went for a Lucasfilm graphic division which was used to produce Toy Story in 1995 and would ultimately set a high bar for the computer graphics oriented films.  Jobs made a fortune from the Pixar technology and later on sold it to Disney in the year 2006.

The setting of the company on the path of consumer electronics is also wholly and solely the credit of Steve Jobs by inventing products such as iPads, iPhones, iTunes and iPods. Jobs also created an environment of secrecy within the company and had turned out to be an extraordinary demanding leader

The launching of Apple II in the year 1977, the industry of personal computers changed completely. Legitimate recordings of digital music were eventually bought into the mainstream through iPods and iTunes early in the year 2000 leading to a changed face of cell phones soon after the introduction of iPhones in 2007. The role of Jobs has been praised in the handling and developing of all the three issues.

Another spectacular invention by Steve Jobs was the iPad in 2010, which was a touch-screen tablet operating unit which amazed the consumers as well as the competitors. This became the capstone of his career as a technologist as the inventing of a conceptual hybrid touch screen iPod with a computer system in it under the form of a 10 inch smartphone device was something no one can deny.

Jobs was deeply involved in making Apple products elegant in their designs but, talking for himself, he was never seen wearing anything rather than black turtleneck shirt and blue jeans in public. He was a master from his mind and an artist from the heart. Apple had seen great achievement with Steve Jobs which will never be forgotten. Even the bitter rival, Bill Gates, praised the work of the artist and holds memories which are longer then the road.

Steve Jobs has left behind a widow, two sisters, four children and 49,000 employees of Apple Inc. to mourn on his sad demise.