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Apple’s iPhone 4S made its debut in the market in October, 2011. The biggest attraction of this whole new endeavor of Apple is its Siri which is now said to be the next big thing that now has the world in its hands and is expected to completely modify ways of communication and networking with aid to our gadgets.

The displays screen of iPhone 4S spans about 3.5 inches plus picture resolution of about 960x640. The pixels are as much as 4 times more enhanced than the preceding iPhones. Not only this, at present, this is the highest resolution that has ever made it to the market since it has surmounted to about more than 100,000 pixels per sq inch of the display screen. The design and the overall look too have not disappointed the users. The iPhone 4S is all about flat screen and surfaces with the silver band composed of stainless steel adding to the charm of the whole gadget. Hence, the whole piece looks nothing short of some designer’s creation.

What can Siri in iPhone 4S do?

Siri is the additional feature that has earned iPhone 4S this glorified reputation. It’s like a personal secretary to iPhone 4S for its going to carry out the commandments. Siri will be able to perform a number of operations simultaneously such as sending emails to looking for a particular location say a mall and will be able to respond to multiple languages, slangs etc. In short all the operations that were previously conducted by a number of podiums and by acquiring a number of additional services can now be done from a single source, your iPhone 4S.

Multitasking is among the many benefits courtesy of its iOS4 operating system. Applications can be systemized and segregated in different compartments where you can make use of voice commands (the main feature of siri) which offers you a better control over your gadget.

The camera of iPhone 4S has what allured the many fans of Apple for its boasting of much sharper and vivid pictures in lieu of its 8-megapixel camera. The capture time will be much rapid plus the video taking would be less of an ordeal all thanks to the ‘video stabilization’ feature. The shutter speed has been enhanced so much so that that iPhone 4S will be able to capture within one second. The LED flash is a breath of fresh air since it is your answering call in instances when the background lightening is way too inappropriate to take a good picture. For all the movie lovers there is something for them too for they can now make their own movies plus edit them by adding extra effects all thanks to the software and the application named as iMovie. Though there is no dearth of mobile phones which offer a better mega pixel facility, among the iPhones family this next big thing for sure.

So what has iPhone 4S contributed to the i Series?

The iPhone 4S has earned the reputation of a must-have piece among its users for especially the ones who are always on the move with its dual-core A5 chip which will provide more power.

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iPhone 4 http://www.iphoneapplicationx.com/iphone-4.html?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=iphone-4 http://www.iphoneapplicationx.com/iphone-4.html#comments Sun, 30 Oct 2011 06:55:39 +0000 admin http://www.iphoneapplicationx.com/?p=100 The much awaited release of iPhone 4 satisfied the Apple-lovers when it was officially launched in 2010. Being marked as one of the very popular among the list of the iPhones it would not be an overstatement to say that it is being marked as the best selling product of Apple since all times.

The displays screen of iPhone 4 spans about 3.5 inches plus picture resolution of about 960x640. The pixels are as much as 4 times more enhanced than the preceding iPhones. Not only this, at present, this is the highest resolution that has ever made it to the market since it has surmounted to about more than 100,000 pixels per sq inch of the display screen. The design and the overall look too have not disappointed the users. The iPhone 4 is all about flat screen and surfaces with the silver band composed of stainless steel adding to the charm of the whole gadget. Hence, the whole piece looks nothing short of some designer’s creation.

The length of iPhone 4 amounts to 9.3mm where the memory capacity is available in both 32 and 64GB with a color variance of both black and white. The users have more options when it comes to video calling and can choose between front face-up to back facing whenever you want to get connected to family, friends and colleagues via its digital camera.

Multitasking is among the many benefits courtesy of its iOS4 operating system. Applications can be systemized and segregated in different compartments where you can make use of voice commands which offers you a better control over your gadget. Inbox is its one complete form will be also better able to store all your incoming sms plus the safari Web browser is a treat to all the web surfers.

Picture quality is no less appealing with a 5 megapixel camera that has a lot to offer in terms of touch and focus and LED flash. The LED flash is a breath of fresh air since it is your answering call in instances when the background lightening is way too inappropriate to take a good picture. For all the movie lovers there is something for them too for they can now make their own movies plus edit them by adding extra effects all thanks to the software and the application named as iMovie. Though there is no dearth of mobile phones which offer a better mega pixel facility, among the iPhones family this next big thing for sure.

The iPhone 4 has earned the reputation of a must-have piece among its users for especially the ones who are always on the move where A-GPS maps and compass act as your perfect guide to your destination. In a nut shell, the total amount of changes that have been made in this new product amount to a hundred in contrast to the old 3G. Though many would label them hardly a change for they are too subtle to mark a change, customers are still impressed and attracted since it’s a new Apple product anyway.

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iPhone 4s – The New Phone from Apple http://www.iphoneapplicationx.com/iphone-4s.html?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=iphone-4s http://www.iphoneapplicationx.com/iphone-4s.html#comments Sun, 23 Oct 2011 14:45:18 +0000 admin http://www.iphoneapplicationx.com/?p=92 iPhone 4s - The deadly weapon byApple Inc

Apple Inc. introduced the concept of iPhones in the year and from then iPhone has become one of the most liked product in the world of cell phones. Thousands of its consumers line up in a queue in order to be the first one to get the iPhone which has the features of Wi-Fi system along with a sharp and clear display, similar to that of a computer, on a quite innovative touch screen technology. The launching of iPhones in the market created a fresh stream of rush to introduce a phone which resembles the features of iPhones.

Why iPhone 4S?

Furthermore, the launching of Apple iPhone 4s in the month of October this year has also significantly changed the market of iPhone. The first week after the launch of iPhone 4s, Apple declared that the sales have been recorded at a quantity of more than four million units of the smartphone.

However, the sales of Android phones may be twice the quantity of Apple’s smartphones and the major reason why more people opt for the Android of Google over the iOS of Apple is the price factor of the phone. Although, this competition started from the year 2010, when both the companies were operating on equal scales and was a reflection as to how did the Android phones coped over with the iOS of Apple Inc.

Talking in terms of business profits, the iPhone 4s still holds the number one position and have made a very huge influence on the mobile app makers and those innovations which the rivals have tended to copy these days.

The features of iPhone 4s is accompanied with a virtual assistant which is named as Siri and has the functionality of recognizing voice commands by its user. This voice command ability is used to schedule appointments, conduct search process on the Internet and dictates text messages.

The outside overview of the iPhone 4s is quite resemble to its predecessor, the iPhone 4, but, the functionality is quite differentiating as it is manufactured with better technical elements which is also inclusive of a new and improved camera. The most powerful chip of all iPhones, the A5 is also been made part of the iPhone 4s which is the similar micro processor used in the place of brains inside an iPad.

The paths of networks on which the iPhone 4s can operate easily are the CDMA and GSM. Since, these technologies are spread worldwide; these iPhones can be used all over the world.  As regards to the price of the smartphone, a model having a storage capacity of 16 gigabyte is tagged to be $199 and the price increases along with the increase in the storage capacity of the iPhone 4s. the model is said to have many more features with the supporting technology to be of the latest quality.

Where to get iPhone 4S?

The new smartphone iPhone 4s is made available on the Verizon, AT&T and the Sprint network rather than the wireless carrier network on which its predecessor used to operate.

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A Review Of iPhone 5 http://www.iphoneapplicationx.com/iphone5review.html?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=iphone5review http://www.iphoneapplicationx.com/iphone5review.html#comments Sun, 23 Oct 2011 14:41:34 +0000 admin http://www.iphoneapplicationx.com/?p=90 Iphone 5 Review - Check it Out

An event held in the Cupertino talking about the iPhone 5 is surely a direction towards attracting the people with the new features of the latest iPhone 5 devices. This smartphone can be termed as an up gradation of its predecessor smartphone, the iPhone 4 as the latest version includes more or less the same but improved features of the previous model.

Talking about those features which is inclusive in the iPhone 5 and were not a part of the iPhone 4, the topmost most position has been grabbed by processor of the iPhone 5. It will hold an A5 dual core chip processor which has been previously used by the Apple Company in iPad 2. The iPhone 4 had an A4 single core chip which resulted in a quite fast and efficient browsing within the smartphone. This when combined with a great operating system will result the same as it would do with the A5 chip installed in the latest version. But, this technicality cannot be seen by an eye of an ordinary smartphone user.

Moreover, the iPhone 5 is built having a large touch screen display along with an 8 megapixel camera placed on the back portion and the same is capable of shooting a picture of a full 1080p high density video. A problem associated with this size is that users might find it difficult to share these HD video on YouTube as it will take longer time to get itself uploaded. Adding into the problem, a crappy and grainy picture is another problem associated with smartphones in comparison to the full DSLR 8 megapixel camera. So, in conclusion, the iPhone or any other smartphone is not considered as the best option when the question is of taking high quality photographs.

Something more about iPhone 5

When the factor is related to the real quality of the iPhone 5, the operating system under which it operates is what is the support of the hardware and speaks out for you. The iPhone 5 will include an upgrade of iOS 5 and an addition of iCloud technology for storage and backup purposes. The latest iMessage app is another feature included in the iPhone 5 which is actually the application of Apple’s Blackberry Messenger. Assistant is the next feature in the line and provides the opportunity to the user to talk to the device in complete sentences and hey! The result came out to be great. For example, you simply pronounce a song of your choice and the iPhone 5 will play it for you automatically.

All in all, the iPhone 5 is as great as its predecessor and has become more like a status symbol rather than its actual purpose. The iPhone 5 announcement was expected to be made on the 4th of October soon after which the release was expected. According to some sources October 13th could possibly be the launching day for the iPhone 5. The announcement and the launching date of the smartphone hold a 9 day gap within it which is acceptable and in accordance to the past Apple’s release timings.

Check out the big launch of iPhone 5 - The First Phone After Steve Jobs Passed Away

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Steve Jobs, In Memory of Apple Founder http://www.iphoneapplicationx.com/steve-jobs.html?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=steve-jobs http://www.iphoneapplicationx.com/steve-jobs.html#comments Sun, 23 Oct 2011 14:38:06 +0000 admin http://www.iphoneapplicationx.com/?p=87 Salute to the icon of Apple - Mr Steve Jobs


Steve Jobs, the pioneer of the company Apple, passed away in his sleep at an early age of 56. Suffering from a very atypical and fatal form of pancreatic cancer, the man lived a man of utter success and unparalleled achievements in the history of the world of technology.

With his assets amounting to somewhere around US$9 billion at the time when he owned the position of CEO of Apple, the idea of the possessor of so much wealth never affected the man of his character. The company itself made it to around US$400 billion dollars plus it was also included in the list of the Forbes. To call him victorious would be an insult for his life’s mission was something beyond comprehensible to a common man. Belonging to a very humble background he started out selling empty soda bottles to earn a living and some place to reside. His life speaks all about struggle and sheer hard work by first making a breakthrough in Macintosh followed by the ‘i’ series of product that come one after the other on annual basis in the form of ipod, iPad, iPhones and which are by themselves a perfect example of having the entire world in your hands.

As a person he was of very subtle nature. Since money never stray him from his path he can be called as a true gentleman with the sole mission of making technology available to everyone. Though being a founder of Apple, he did perceive it as his ultimate milestone and diverted to other avenues as well such as Pixar, where he bought some stakes. The man having a magic touch turned everything from ordinary to extraordinary.

The great man that he was, it’s no surprise that his death has saddened the whole world. He is not only identified as a creative producer but also an effective speaker who seemed to relate to everyone hence his loss seems very personal to many out there. Having an innovation aura to his personality, his mannerisms depicted a very distinct demeanor of that of a revolution, someone who made his own path to life defying the traditional ways. He developed a following for not just Apple but also for Pixar, assuring that his name surpassed his life.

From a speaker’s perspective he was once again a gem. At the launching of his new products, he never made it the customary way of presenting through power point depictions but made about with pictorials and images that one sees in curtain-opening ceremonies which are all about surprises and joy.

On an aggregate, Steve Jobs was a man who started from zero and went step by step through the ordeal of building a living and reached the height of not just creativity but emerging out as an exemplary figure for what it takes to hard work and lifelong acknowledgement. The mastermind behind Microsoft, Bill Gates, who also worked alongside Steve Jobs in his endeavors puts it very rightfully that Steve Jobs, has showed us all a pathway so let’s now move ahead and follow it.

Steve Jobs was an iconoclast who changed nearly everything of whether it is to watch movies, listen to music or any other aspect of our life and is the maker of the groundbreaking technology of iPads and iPhones. This passionate and brilliant minded person passed away at the age of 56.

The Apple Company has praised the countless services and all those inventions and innovations which have enriched the lives of Apple product users. As per the statement of Apple “the world is better beyond measure because of Steve Jobs.”

The co-founder of Apple and the most recent chairman has been suffering from several health problems after 7 years of a surgery of pancreatic cancer in the year 2004. Because of this reason, Jobs announced a medical leave from the post of CEO of Apple Inc in late August that year. He returned into the business after one and a half year and this time as the chairman of the company.

The debut of Mac operating units in 1984 made a blast in the market and gave an impression that Apple was a tough competitor in the industry of computers. In the year 1986, Steve Jobs went for a Lucasfilm graphic division which was used to produce Toy Story in 1995 and would ultimately set a high bar for the computer graphics oriented films.  Jobs made a fortune from the Pixar technology and later on sold it to Disney in the year 2006.

The setting of the company on the path of consumer electronics is also wholly and solely the credit of Steve Jobs by inventing products such as iPads, iPhones, iTunes and iPods. Jobs also created an environment of secrecy within the company and had turned out to be an extraordinary demanding leader

The launching of Apple II in the year 1977, the industry of personal computers changed completely. Legitimate recordings of digital music were eventually bought into the mainstream through iPods and iTunes early in the year 2000 leading to a changed face of cell phones soon after the introduction of iPhones in 2007. The role of Jobs has been praised in the handling and developing of all the three issues.

Another spectacular invention by Steve Jobs was the iPad in 2010, which was a touch-screen tablet operating unit which amazed the consumers as well as the competitors. This became the capstone of his career as a technologist as the inventing of a conceptual hybrid touch screen iPod with a computer system in it under the form of a 10 inch smartphone device was something no one can deny.

Jobs was deeply involved in making Apple products elegant in their designs but, talking for himself, he was never seen wearing anything rather than black turtleneck shirt and blue jeans in public. He was a master from his mind and an artist from the heart. Apple had seen great achievement with Steve Jobs which will never be forgotten. Even the bitter rival, Bill Gates, praised the work of the artist and holds memories which are longer then the road.

Steve Jobs has left behind a widow, two sisters, four children and 49,000 employees of Apple Inc. to mourn on his sad demise.

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iPhone 7 – Speculated Futuristic Phone by Apple http://www.iphoneapplicationx.com/iphone7.html?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=iphone7 http://www.iphoneapplicationx.com/iphone7.html#comments Sun, 23 Oct 2011 14:36:13 +0000 admin http://www.iphoneapplicationx.com/?p=85

The iPhone 7 As It Is Speculated

After the sad demise of Apple’s pioneer, Steve Jobs, a lot of users are curious to the point of apprehension about the future of the company and its upcoming products. Hence, its only logical that at this point people have become all the more curious and expected about the iPhone 7, though iPhone 6 is not out yet where as iPhone 5 is soon to hit the market.

Apple, on the other hand has not raised the curtain on its iPhone 7 hence there is no news about it whatsoever. However, there are a few rumours around the world, especially on the internet where stress has been laid on being realistic rather than delving in unrealistic hopes to the point of fantasies. Apple’s products are all about creativity to the very core; hence it is hard to predict what the future curtails for this new product in terms of features and technology. One thing that is of fact here is that it will be better and more user-friendly than the preceding ones.

The new iPhone 7 will surely be all about a thousand more and innovative applications since the producers are really on the drive to devise more user friendly applications that will have an edge over its counterparts. Where expectations are of more advancement in terms of its technology, the gadget will be all the more on the comfort side. Signals receiving, video and imaging quality with Facetime is hoped to be less of a problem than in the preceding ones.

iPhone 7 will definitely be much more enhanced than iPhone 4. About iPhone 4, rumours are such that users are a bit disappointed in terms of its poor quality of screen; hence this is one area where Apple will surely work on for it’s sure to affect its buying power. The 2MP upfront camera of 1080 Pixel is what expected from iPhone 7, to say the very least.  In addition to this the storage capacity will be at most of 200 GB which is definitely far more than the preceding iPhones. But, it should not be a surprise when one day Apple announces that it has devised an iPhone that has infinite storage strength in it.

To sustain the aforementioned storage capacity and all the additional features, a much efficient processor will be the need of the hour. It could be a Duel Core A6 or may be something more progressive than this one which could simply be a chip of 1GHz.

Now the question when is it hitting the market?  The fact that the iPhone 5 is next in queue and iPhone 6 will be up next one should not expect it to come out before 2013. The year 2012 is for iPhone 6 for sure. Pertaining to Apple’s tradition that one new iphone will be out each year somewhere between August and October of 2013 will be for iPhone 7.

With regards to the price rating it is too premature to shoot any guesses in there. But having known apple for not going overboard in prices and that too on short notices, the global recession and cut throat market set by the competitors will keep Apple within safe margins, hopefully.

In terms of progression and concept, the iPhones of Apple are termed as the best and the most successful of all.  The four iPhones that have been launched so far can be termed as an all time hit, however, every new release in the industry beats the price as well as the specifications of the previous one.  This can be supported by the argument that although, only three more generations of the iPhones have been introduced, but, the features and specifications provided in these smartphones are beyond limits. Just think that when these versions are so advanced, what will be in the package of iPhone 7. As per the launching of the latest model, it can be said that first the iPhone 5 is expected o get released in few days after which the number progression will continue and the time for the launching of iPhone 6 will take place and will ultimately pave way for the iPhone 7 to hit the local as well as the international market. Although, it cannot be said exactly what will be the features and the physical dimensions of this smartphone will be, but keeping in mind the progression of the earlier versions of the iPhones, some good and extraordinary features can be expected from the blasting package.

What should be included in iPhone 7?

Looking at the trend of iPhones, the processor, storage capacity as well as the RAM, all has been increasing in its performance since the introduction of the first ever iPhone to the 3rd generation after which the company came out with a new technology of the processor, the A4 chip which gave a boost to the performance level of iPhone 4. From this, it can be speculated that the iPhone 7 will have a more powerful processing ability as well as an excellent internal memory capacity.

The launching of the iPhone 7 is expected to place in the year 2013 which is a long time until which the injection of hundreds of gigabytes as the ranging capacity can be truly expected. The technology involved in making that much storage capacity has been reached to its final stage and only the making of the technology perfect phase and cutting down the cost of production is left to be done which is expected to finish by the end of the next year. By this action, the price of iPhone 7 will deviate much from other iPhones which also a formidable weapon of Apple in the iPhon industry. The only factors estimated to affect its price is the value of currency and the state of the economy at the time of its release.

According to some rumors, the iPhone 7 will have a Duo Core A6 processor having a speed of 1 GHz, an internal storage capacity of at most 200 GB, a screen having a size of 4” along with loads and loads of in-built applications.

Praying for iPhone 7!

Moreover, the iPhone 7 will be free from hardware buttons technology and will enter into the phase of touch screen in its entirety. These and various other features of the upcoming model of iPhone make it the ultimate choice for future phones.

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iPhone 6 – An Anticipated Review http://www.iphoneapplicationx.com/iphone6.html?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=iphone6 http://www.iphoneapplicationx.com/iphone6.html#comments Sun, 23 Oct 2011 14:32:39 +0000 admin http://www.iphoneapplicationx.com/?p=83

iPhone 6 - One of the most anticipated gadget in the near future!

Many sources have anticipated that the iPhone 6 will hit the market by July 2013. Although, the Apple company has not yet arranged any event in order to announce the releasing of iPhone 6 in the international market or what features are inclusive in the latest model of this smartphone, but, this is not the first time when Apple has maintained such silence, it has now become a tradition of the company.

These days the company Apple is all about going green and environmental friendly with its latest products. Another in the league of its eco-friendly product is the much anticipated iPhone 6 which will follow iPhone 5’s release most probably by Christmas of 2012. The upgraded and new features are not only going to benefit the users but also the environment as a whole.

The touch screen of iPhone 6 is predicted to be composed of graphene which is quite lightweight meaning the users should not expect any placement of metals in this new gadget. Being an atomically dense material, Apple decided it was now time to move away from indium tin oxide which made the base. The light weight will be aided by an astonishingly thin look something that was not so prominent in the preceding iPhones. The simple analogy of touch and play plus the utilities of drawing and sketching can be handled with utmost precision and accuracy.

Apple has planned to introduce the ORB that is the Organic Radical Battery which is Japan’s creation. Hence, it’s now the time to say good bye to the traditional Lithium-ion battery and switch to ORB which does not fear of any toxic or harmful battery composition. The fact that these batteries are environment friendly to the very core plus the recharging time is amazingly and unbelievably just of about half a minute makes iPhone 5 smarter than its predecessors. More promising is the high energy capacity all thanks to ORB which is proving to be one efficient option. Hence, Apple has now overcome this void of small battery life making a new name to its product globally and adding to the lure of iPhone 6.

Now adding to the icing on the cake are the plastic cases that will be replacing the polycarbonate. Therefore, it’s time to welcome the upcoming material that has been newly crafted as isoplast which is of bio-degradable nature. The idea was just not to work on the prolonged life of the casing of Apple’s products but also to enhance its bearing ability and withstanding capacity if it falls and bumps somewhere. Apple also knows the more it will go for slimmer and lighter products the better would be the competition against Droid.

The time of iPhone 6 launching is a matter of a great debate. Since, as per the history the time of release of Apple’s product usually lies in mid summers that is somewhere near July (with the exception of the recent release in the middle of the year), the actual prediction will only be carried after the release of iPhone 5. As a matter of fact, if one examines the gap period between each of Apple’s release of production it amounts to around a period of twelve months. Therefore, if Apple plans to follow the same regimen there is no reason why one should expect it before 2012, to say the very least.

But of course we are not keeping in consideration the delays in production plus the expected release of iPhone 5s hence; anything can happen in between to delay it further.

What is included in iPhone 6?

Information regarding the iPhone 6 that is obtained from apple might not be much but a source which confirms the news is that the Toshiba company is constructing a factory in which it has been expected to produce the LCD panels that are to be used in the manufacturing of the iPhone 6. Through this, it has been confirmed that the iPhone 6 will be having solar panels in the battery aspect.

Another rumor about the iPhone 6 is that it will eventually phase out from the era or buttons. The way of doing this is to provide an on screen button which is based on virtual technology. In addition, the security area is expected to be more advanced by the introduction of either face or thumb recognition. Since, there is a probability of the first ever introduction of 4G carrier in the industry of smartphones, then the requirement of increasing Wi-Fi functionality in the phone is also very essential. Through this the internet connectivity will be enhanced and will make it adaptable for many actions that are performed with a PC.

Moreover, the new iPhone 6 will be equipped with Pico projector. It is another form of video which has the ability to project to a reasonable distance. Another possibility about the phone is that it will be an LTE powered handset. This is estimated by the specifications of the manufacturers about the iPhone 6. The main focus on its production is that it should look different from all the other smartphones available in the market and at the same time be environment friendly as well. It is also expected that Apple has not planned to be left behind in the concept of going green which is the reason why most of the parts of the smartphone would be green both in the designing and functionality of it.

It has been known to all that Apple is being working in agreement with the AT&T to make them their official careers. This could be the reason why iPhone 6 has iOS running operating systems that are powered by AT&T which is estimated to have 4 x versions.  The product is superior from others by the fact that it cannot be downgraded to the previous versions of the iOS operating systems.

Design of iPhone 6

The outer body of the iPhone 6 would be made of aluminum shell which turns out to be a good exit from the gorilla grass which was previously being used by previous versions of iPhones. Furthermore, the antenna problem is also expected to be resolved because of the possibility of built-in powered antenna for the purpose of enhancing the service reception. Apple has a tradition of not disappointing its customers and it is speculated that the tradition will continue.

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iphone 5| iphone 5 Release http://www.iphoneapplicationx.com/iphone5.html?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=iphone5 http://www.iphoneapplicationx.com/iphone5.html#comments Wed, 12 Oct 2011 14:40:57 +0000 admin http://www.iphoneapplicationx.com/?p=75 iPhone 5 - The Most Exciting and Anticipated Gadget


There is a lot of excitement and anticipation about the Apple’s new iPhone 5 release. Though there is no official date that has been assigned for its launch, people lay in wait as it is expected to be released somewhere in last quarter of year 2011, if not the customary launching of Apple’s product that usually make their way in summers.

Predictions have it that the new iPhone 5 will have a much enhanced Operating system, most probably iOS 5, which will equip it with the potency to acquire 4g networks. The processor will be boosted up for sure. As per the sources, the 1 GHz dual-core processor will be the necessary part of the new iPhone which is very much the same as the one in iPad2. This also means that in comparison to iPhone 4, the processor will be much more potent and light weighted, unlike iPhone 4.

Another important facet that is worth mentioning is the improved life of the battery which will vary between seven to fourteen hours for AG and 3G respectively. Carriers are also expected to be added where Verizon is on the hit list. Among other aspects there will be newer features and videos of high quality and resolution plus the 8 mega pixel camera which will be a treat for all the photographers out there.

The users will also have the facility to use their iPhone jut like they their credit cards hence one can easily pay for their commodities thanks to the inherent wireless service by mere swift on the panel itself. Apart from this the memory is expected to be massive that is up to 64 GB. This is definitely at a much higher end than the preceding iPhone 4 which only boasted of 16 GB, memory capacity of the phone inclusive.

If you thought you were done with the surprises from iPhone, hold your breath. iPhone 5 will amaze you more because of its thinner and sleeker outlook. The lustrous black backing plus the screen will scratch proof and less expected to break or shatter. GPS will be integrated plus the users will also have the freedom to set up variable tones to e-mail accounts of different category. The recently launched iCloud applications, music, images will also be accessible by the iPhone 5 owners

Apart from the much wider screen and enhanced graphical display, the iPhone 5 is also predicted to have both black and white casing plus a completely new and innovative look in terms of design which is said to be of ‘teardrop’ genre which as mentioned before will be slimmer and lighter both in contrast to the iPhones before it.

Waiting for the mighty iPhone 5 in 2012!

Pertaining to the popularity of the Apple’s gadgets and the ‘i’ series in particular, no wonder there is a lot of speculation about the iPhone arrival. Apple, till present, has neither affirmed nor denied any of these wide spread predictions. Hence, nothing is definite about the upcoming features of the new iPhone 5 for its launch will establish the facts itself.


As the 5th generation of the iPhone is on the verge of being released, and with all the speculations spreading on the Internet about the iPhone 5, people are anticipating and desperately waiting for the launch of the smartphone. Many fans and current Apple iPhone consumers are wondering what groundbreaking features Apple will add to the new iPhone 5.

This articles summarizes the various features and specifications that are expected to sport the device.

iPhone 5 Features

Although Apple does not reveal the exact specifications and features until the device is officially unveiled, we could dictate some of the main features that are expected. However, rumor of the new iPhone 5 features, in terms of both hardware and software upgrades, will definitely entice any smartphone buyer.

The upcoming phone is expected to sport the Apple’s latest and greatest A5 processor chip, iCloud service, higher-resolution camera, and a 4-inch screen size. Here are some of the most anticipated iPhone 5 features:
iOS 5

Apple announced iOS 5.0 and its features during the WWDC 2011 keynote address on June 6, 2011. The user interface is based on the concept of direct manipulation, using multi-touch gestures. It is expected to come with more than 200 new features that will include improved Notification System, News Stand and iMessage.

iMessage is an application that is developed to compete with Blackberry Messenger. The app will allow iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad users to communicate (much like a chat service) with each other. The iMessage feature has been integrated into the SMS/MMS application used originally on the iPhone models.


The iPhone5 is expected to have the iCloud service.

Apple’s iPhone 5 is expected to feature the new iCloud service for wireless remote access of music from all computers and mobile devices.

The iPhone5 will automatically sync with the iCloud which will allow users to store photos, apps, calendars and documents without having them to store in the phone’s memory. Apple is also looking to tie up with top music label companies to license songs for the iCloud service.

However, rumours state that Apple might release a low-cost “iCloud iPhone” alongside the iPhone 5. It could be named the “iPhone Mini”

“The iPhone Mini (or iPhone Nano, or whatever) could have significantly less storage than a typical iPhone. Most likely 8 gigabytes of storage – the same as the lowest end iPhones right now. Apple won’t prevent users from storing their own content, because that would be crazy. But since it has a small amount of memory, Apple will likely push the ability to stream media via MobileMe as well.”

A5 Processor to power the iPhone5Apple A5 Processor to power iPhone 5

iPhone 5 will house the A5 as the main processor, which technically is the same chip that currently powers the iPad 2. The A5 contains a dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 CPU with NEON SIMD accelerator and a dual core PowerVR SGX543MP2 GPU, which means that the iPhone5 can do twice the work at once. The processor speed will be somewhere between 1.2 to 1.5 GHz, with probably a 1GB RAM.

The processor upgrade is done not just to increase the processing speed of the phone, but also to compete with the newly launched Samsung Galaxy S II.

The A5 chip might effectively increase the power use, however, it is said that the chip has “got a dynamic power management”, which can lower the [speed] depending on the workload, and thus efficiently make use of the power.
iPhone 5 to Sport a Better Camera

The iPhone 4 sports a 5 megapixel camera, so I’m expecting that the iPhone 5 will have a rear-facing 8MP dual-LED flash camera. However, this isn’t really “awesome”, since most of the high-end Android smartphones come with an 8MP camera. Along with that, the iPhone 5 is expected to have a front-facing camera for video chatting.
iPhone FeaturesAccording to sources, Apple has filed several patent applications relating to 3D picture capturing to the US Patent and Trademark Office later in March. This indicates that the iPhone 5 might feature a 3D camera. The filing indicates that the device will be capable of capturing, processing and rendering 3D images with dual-camera hardware.

Another interesting feature is that the iPhone 5 will be capable of taking pictures in Panorama. It will work similarly to the ’360 Panorama’ application in the App Store. It will let you take pictures in a sequence as you move the camera from one side to another, which in the end will effortlessly stitch the images together to create a panorama.

Additionally, if Apple really wants to keep up with the competition to Android, then it might consider improving upon the video resolution to a full 1080p HD recording. Currently iPhone 4 has a 720p video capture at 30 frames per second.
iPhone 5 Video

Check out the video we made about the iPhone 5:
Expected features and specs, price, and release date…

Display and Resolution

There hasn’t been a better screen resolution since the release of the iPhone 4. Currently the iPhone 4 has a 3.5 inches screen size, and sources indicate that Apple might stay locked with the current size. But a few other sources say that Apple is planning to increase the screen size to 4-inch with higher screen resolution. I feel that Apple could compromise at 3.7-inch or 3.75-inch.

Apple iPhone 5

Image credits: PhoneArena.com

However, the iPhone 5 could be slightly wider and thinner. The dimensions are calculated to be: 4.33″ x 2.36″ and .27″ thickness at the top and .21″ at the bottom, whereas the dimensions of iPhone 4 are: 4.5″ x 2.31″ x .37″
iPhone 5
Other iPhone5 Features

Here are some of the other features that we can expect from the iPhone 5:

· Face Recognition Security
· 4G/LTE support – According the AT&T documents leaked by LulzSec, the Apple iPhone 5 will offer 4G and will be LTE (Long Term Evolution) network compatible. LTE is a project of the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP), and is the latest standard in the mobile network technology.

· A new, sleeker body design
· OLED screen
· Scratch proof and shatter proof screen
· Wireless sync with iTunes
· Extended battery life
· Flash support
· SIM-Less Phone – According to International Business Times, it is rumoured that the iPhone 5 will feature a new SIM-less design with 2 to 3 internal antennas for CDMA and GSM compatibility, which will make it a “worldphone”.
· Physical Keyboard
· Increased Ram (from 512MB to 1GB)
· New Multi-tasking Look
· HD Audio
· Built In GPS

The above mentioned features are some of the improvements that we can expect from Apple. However, we cannot assure you that they can be true, but most of the upgrades are more likely to be utilized.

Apple definitely wants to fight back against Android smartphone makers like HTC and Samsung, and perhaps it is why the new iPhone 5 will host some of the outstanding features.
iPhone 5 Launch Date

Apple follows a tradition to launch new devices in their summer Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), but that didn’t happen this year.

However, BGR reported that an AT&T Vice President has confirmed to several employees that the iPhone 5 that boasts a stronger chip for processing data and a more advanced camera is scheduled to be launched in early October. Additionally, the VP communicated the following to a group of managers: “Expect things to get really, really busy in the next 35-50 days, so prepare your teams accordingly.”

We can expect the announcement of the iPhone 5 in a late September event along with a release date set for early October.

The iPhone 4 has proven to be one of the most successful smartphones of all time with selling over 1.7 million devices in just three days of availability, and we are expecting that the iPhone 5 will certainly replicate this success, and one thing is for sure – the sales of iPhone 5 will definitely boom and we can expect a huge number of people lined up at Apple stores when the device is available for sale.
iPhone 5 Price

At this stage no official price has been unveiled but we expect the iPhone 5 to be the same price than the iPhone 4 when it was released. We will update this section as soon as we have more information on that topic.

What do you think of iPhone 5? Will you buy it? What additional iPhone 5 features are you expecting? Please let us know by leaving your comments below.

Article Source from: http://www.thetechlabs.com/tech-news/iphone-5-features/

Check out iPhone 5 when it is released at http://www.apple.com/iphone/

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