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iPhone 4s – The New Phone from Apple

iPhone 4s - The deadly weapon byApple Inc

Apple Inc. introduced the concept of iPhones in the year and from then iPhone has become one of the most liked product in the world of cell phones. Thousands of its consumers line up in a queue in order to be the first one to get the iPhone which has the features of Wi-Fi system along with a sharp and clear display, similar to that of a computer, on a quite innovative touch screen technology. The launching of iPhones in the market created a fresh stream of rush to introduce a phone which resembles the features of iPhones.

Why iPhone 4S?

Furthermore, the launching of Apple iPhone 4s in the month of October this year has also significantly changed the market of iPhone. The first week after the launch of iPhone 4s, Apple declared that the sales have been recorded at a quantity of more than four million units of the smartphone.

However, the sales of Android phones may be twice the quantity of Apple’s smartphones and the major reason why more people opt for the Android of Google over the iOS of Apple is the price factor of the phone. Although, this competition started from the year 2010, when both the companies were operating on equal scales and was a reflection as to how did the Android phones coped over with the iOS of Apple Inc.

Talking in terms of business profits, the iPhone 4s still holds the number one position and have made a very huge influence on the mobile app makers and those innovations which the rivals have tended to copy these days.

The features of iPhone 4s is accompanied with a virtual assistant which is named as Siri and has the functionality of recognizing voice commands by its user. This voice command ability is used to schedule appointments, conduct search process on the Internet and dictates text messages.

The outside overview of the iPhone 4s is quite resemble to its predecessor, the iPhone 4, but, the functionality is quite differentiating as it is manufactured with better technical elements which is also inclusive of a new and improved camera. The most powerful chip of all iPhones, the A5 is also been made part of the iPhone 4s which is the similar micro processor used in the place of brains inside an iPad.

The paths of networks on which the iPhone 4s can operate easily are the CDMA and GSM. Since, these technologies are spread worldwide; these iPhones can be used all over the world.  As regards to the price of the smartphone, a model having a storage capacity of 16 gigabyte is tagged to be $199 and the price increases along with the increase in the storage capacity of the iPhone 4s. the model is said to have many more features with the supporting technology to be of the latest quality.

Where to get iPhone 4S?

The new smartphone iPhone 4s is made available on the Verizon, AT&T and the Sprint network rather than the wireless carrier network on which its predecessor used to operate.

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