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iPhone 4S Review

iPhone 4S - The Most Sold iPhone


Apple’s iPhone 4S made its debut in the market in October, 2011. The biggest attraction of this whole new endeavor of Apple is its Siri which is now said to be the next big thing that now has the world in its hands and is expected to completely modify ways of communication and networking with aid to our gadgets.

The displays screen of iPhone 4S spans about 3.5 inches plus picture resolution of about 960x640. The pixels are as much as 4 times more enhanced than the preceding iPhones. Not only this, at present, this is the highest resolution that has ever made it to the market since it has surmounted to about more than 100,000 pixels per sq inch of the display screen. The design and the overall look too have not disappointed the users. The iPhone 4S is all about flat screen and surfaces with the silver band composed of stainless steel adding to the charm of the whole gadget. Hence, the whole piece looks nothing short of some designer’s creation.

What can Siri in iPhone 4S do?

Siri is the additional feature that has earned iPhone 4S this glorified reputation. It’s like a personal secretary to iPhone 4S for its going to carry out the commandments. Siri will be able to perform a number of operations simultaneously such as sending emails to looking for a particular location say a mall and will be able to respond to multiple languages, slangs etc. In short all the operations that were previously conducted by a number of podiums and by acquiring a number of additional services can now be done from a single source, your iPhone 4S.

Multitasking is among the many benefits courtesy of its iOS4 operating system. Applications can be systemized and segregated in different compartments where you can make use of voice commands (the main feature of siri) which offers you a better control over your gadget.

The camera of iPhone 4S has what allured the many fans of Apple for its boasting of much sharper and vivid pictures in lieu of its 8-megapixel camera. The capture time will be much rapid plus the video taking would be less of an ordeal all thanks to the ‘video stabilization’ feature. The shutter speed has been enhanced so much so that that iPhone 4S will be able to capture within one second. The LED flash is a breath of fresh air since it is your answering call in instances when the background lightening is way too inappropriate to take a good picture. For all the movie lovers there is something for them too for they can now make their own movies plus edit them by adding extra effects all thanks to the software and the application named as iMovie. Though there is no dearth of mobile phones which offer a better mega pixel facility, among the iPhones family this next big thing for sure.

So what has iPhone 4S contributed to the i Series?

The iPhone 4S has earned the reputation of a must-have piece among its users for especially the ones who are always on the move with its dual-core A5 chip which will provide more power.

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