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iPhone 6 – An Anticipated Review

iPhone 6 - One of the most anticipated gadget in the near future!

Many sources have anticipated that the iPhone 6 will hit the market by July 2013. Although, the Apple company has not yet arranged any event in order to announce the releasing of iPhone 6 in the international market or what features are inclusive in the latest model of this smartphone, but, this is not the first time when Apple has maintained such silence, it has now become a tradition of the company.

These days the company Apple is all about going green and environmental friendly with its latest products. Another in the league of its eco-friendly product is the much anticipated iPhone 6 which will follow iPhone 5’s release most probably by Christmas of 2012. The upgraded and new features are not only going to benefit the users but also the environment as a whole.

The touch screen of iPhone 6 is predicted to be composed of graphene which is quite lightweight meaning the users should not expect any placement of metals in this new gadget. Being an atomically dense material, Apple decided it was now time to move away from indium tin oxide which made the base. The light weight will be aided by an astonishingly thin look something that was not so prominent in the preceding iPhones. The simple analogy of touch and play plus the utilities of drawing and sketching can be handled with utmost precision and accuracy.

Apple has planned to introduce the ORB that is the Organic Radical Battery which is Japan’s creation. Hence, it’s now the time to say good bye to the traditional Lithium-ion battery and switch to ORB which does not fear of any toxic or harmful battery composition. The fact that these batteries are environment friendly to the very core plus the recharging time is amazingly and unbelievably just of about half a minute makes iPhone 5 smarter than its predecessors. More promising is the high energy capacity all thanks to ORB which is proving to be one efficient option. Hence, Apple has now overcome this void of small battery life making a new name to its product globally and adding to the lure of iPhone 6.

Now adding to the icing on the cake are the plastic cases that will be replacing the polycarbonate. Therefore, it’s time to welcome the upcoming material that has been newly crafted as isoplast which is of bio-degradable nature. The idea was just not to work on the prolonged life of the casing of Apple’s products but also to enhance its bearing ability and withstanding capacity if it falls and bumps somewhere. Apple also knows the more it will go for slimmer and lighter products the better would be the competition against Droid.

The time of iPhone 6 launching is a matter of a great debate. Since, as per the history the time of release of Apple’s product usually lies in mid summers that is somewhere near July (with the exception of the recent release in the middle of the year), the actual prediction will only be carried after the release of iPhone 5. As a matter of fact, if one examines the gap period between each of Apple’s release of production it amounts to around a period of twelve months. Therefore, if Apple plans to follow the same regimen there is no reason why one should expect it before 2012, to say the very least.

But of course we are not keeping in consideration the delays in production plus the expected release of iPhone 5s hence; anything can happen in between to delay it further.

What is included in iPhone 6?

Information regarding the iPhone 6 that is obtained from apple might not be much but a source which confirms the news is that the Toshiba company is constructing a factory in which it has been expected to produce the LCD panels that are to be used in the manufacturing of the iPhone 6. Through this, it has been confirmed that the iPhone 6 will be having solar panels in the battery aspect.

Another rumor about the iPhone 6 is that it will eventually phase out from the era or buttons. The way of doing this is to provide an on screen button which is based on virtual technology. In addition, the security area is expected to be more advanced by the introduction of either face or thumb recognition. Since, there is a probability of the first ever introduction of 4G carrier in the industry of smartphones, then the requirement of increasing Wi-Fi functionality in the phone is also very essential. Through this the internet connectivity will be enhanced and will make it adaptable for many actions that are performed with a PC.

Moreover, the new iPhone 6 will be equipped with Pico projector. It is another form of video which has the ability to project to a reasonable distance. Another possibility about the phone is that it will be an LTE powered handset. This is estimated by the specifications of the manufacturers about the iPhone 6. The main focus on its production is that it should look different from all the other smartphones available in the market and at the same time be environment friendly as well. It is also expected that Apple has not planned to be left behind in the concept of going green which is the reason why most of the parts of the smartphone would be green both in the designing and functionality of it.

It has been known to all that Apple is being working in agreement with the AT&T to make them their official careers. This could be the reason why iPhone 6 has iOS running operating systems that are powered by AT&T which is estimated to have 4 x versions.  The product is superior from others by the fact that it cannot be downgraded to the previous versions of the iOS operating systems.

Design of iPhone 6

The outer body of the iPhone 6 would be made of aluminum shell which turns out to be a good exit from the gorilla grass which was previously being used by previous versions of iPhones. Furthermore, the antenna problem is also expected to be resolved because of the possibility of built-in powered antenna for the purpose of enhancing the service reception. Apple has a tradition of not disappointing its customers and it is speculated that the tradition will continue.

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