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Preparations for iPhone game development

What You Should Prepare for Iphone Game Development

iPhone game development is probably the most popular area of iPhone applications development. The main reason for this is that iPhone users want to be entertained. The fortunate thing about iPhone game application development is that you can find websites on the internet that can help you develop your own game application for iPhone. Some of the internet sites that you can find that will help you in this category is instructional blogs and some are tools that can help you with your goal to develop a successful iPhone application.

Procedures for Iphone Game Development

You should know that there are various stages in iPhone game development. One of the stages that you need to look into is the preparation of the tools that you need to develop your iPhone game application. The 1st thing that you need to do is to register as one of the official iPhone application developers. When you join the apple iPhone developer program you have to pay $99 as membership fee. After registering, you should get an iPod Touch or an iPhone. Another equipment that you should have if you want to develop iPhone game applications is an Intel-based Mac computer that has Mac OS x 10.5.5.

Another thing that you need to have when doing iPhone game development is a non-disclosure agreement. If you don’t have any idea what a non-disclosure agreement is, you can find samples on the internet so that you can have something to base your document. Non-disclosure agreement is just a contract that states that no information that is stated within the contract will be disclosed to anyone aside from the contracting parties. You should download the latest SDK or software development kit from the iPhone dev center. It is best that you have a spiral bound notebook where you record notes and progress that you get in developing iPhone applications.

After preparing all the things that you need in iPhone game development, you should now consider building your team. Having a team that you can work with is recommended if you want to have a successful iPhone game application. It is true that you may have all the skill requirement in iPhone game application development but working with a team will help you in developing game applications that are beyond the average.

If you are considering building a team for iPhone game development, you should look for people who are capable of discerning the type of applications that iPhone users will love and hate. They should be someone who are able capable of doing market research so that you will have accurate information about the trends and the demands of iPhone game application users. You should have someone who can do sitemap creations. You should have people that are good in sketching and GUI design. You should also look for people who have knowledge with Objective C and Cocoa programming, and of course you should have someone who is good at iPhone game application marketing and promotion.

These are some of the things that you need to prepare if you really want to pursue iPhone game development. There are still a lot more activities involved in the process of iPhone game application development.

If you want to know more, you can browse the net for websites that contains information about iPhone game development.

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