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iPhone 7 – Speculated Futuristic Phone by Apple

The iPhone 7 As It Is Speculated

After the sad demise of Apple’s pioneer, Steve Jobs, a lot of users are curious to the point of apprehension about the future of the company and its upcoming products. Hence, its only logical that at this point people have become all the more curious and expected about the iPhone 7, though iPhone 6 is not out yet where as iPhone 5 is soon to hit the market.

Apple, on the other hand has not raised the curtain on its iPhone 7 hence there is no news about it whatsoever. However, there are a few rumours around the world, especially on the internet where stress has been laid on being realistic rather than delving in unrealistic hopes to the point of fantasies. Apple’s products are all about creativity to the very core; hence it is hard to predict what the future curtails for this new product in terms of features and technology. One thing that is of fact here is that it will be better and more user-friendly than the preceding ones.

The new iPhone 7 will surely be all about a thousand more and innovative applications since the producers are really on the drive to devise more user friendly applications that will have an edge over its counterparts. Where expectations are of more advancement in terms of its technology, the gadget will be all the more on the comfort side. Signals receiving, video and imaging quality with Facetime is hoped to be less of a problem than in the preceding ones.

iPhone 7 will definitely be much more enhanced than iPhone 4. About iPhone 4, rumours are such that users are a bit disappointed in terms of its poor quality of screen; hence this is one area where Apple will surely work on for it’s sure to affect its buying power. The 2MP upfront camera of 1080 Pixel is what expected from iPhone 7, to say the very least.  In addition to this the storage capacity will be at most of 200 GB which is definitely far more than the preceding iPhones. But, it should not be a surprise when one day Apple announces that it has devised an iPhone that has infinite storage strength in it.

To sustain the aforementioned storage capacity and all the additional features, a much efficient processor will be the need of the hour. It could be a Duel Core A6 or may be something more progressive than this one which could simply be a chip of 1GHz.

Now the question when is it hitting the market?  The fact that the iPhone 5 is next in queue and iPhone 6 will be up next one should not expect it to come out before 2013. The year 2012 is for iPhone 6 for sure. Pertaining to Apple’s tradition that one new iphone will be out each year somewhere between August and October of 2013 will be for iPhone 7.

With regards to the price rating it is too premature to shoot any guesses in there. But having known apple for not going overboard in prices and that too on short notices, the global recession and cut throat market set by the competitors will keep Apple within safe margins, hopefully.

In terms of progression and concept, the iPhones of Apple are termed as the best and the most successful of all.  The four iPhones that have been launched so far can be termed as an all time hit, however, every new release in the industry beats the price as well as the specifications of the previous one.  This can be supported by the argument that although, only three more generations of the iPhones have been introduced, but, the features and specifications provided in these smartphones are beyond limits. Just think that when these versions are so advanced, what will be in the package of iPhone 7. As per the launching of the latest model, it can be said that first the iPhone 5 is expected o get released in few days after which the number progression will continue and the time for the launching of iPhone 6 will take place and will ultimately pave way for the iPhone 7 to hit the local as well as the international market. Although, it cannot be said exactly what will be the features and the physical dimensions of this smartphone will be, but keeping in mind the progression of the earlier versions of the iPhones, some good and extraordinary features can be expected from the blasting package.

What should be included in iPhone 7?

Looking at the trend of iPhones, the processor, storage capacity as well as the RAM, all has been increasing in its performance since the introduction of the first ever iPhone to the 3rd generation after which the company came out with a new technology of the processor, the A4 chip which gave a boost to the performance level of iPhone 4. From this, it can be speculated that the iPhone 7 will have a more powerful processing ability as well as an excellent internal memory capacity.

The launching of the iPhone 7 is expected to place in the year 2013 which is a long time until which the injection of hundreds of gigabytes as the ranging capacity can be truly expected. The technology involved in making that much storage capacity has been reached to its final stage and only the making of the technology perfect phase and cutting down the cost of production is left to be done which is expected to finish by the end of the next year. By this action, the price of iPhone 7 will deviate much from other iPhones which also a formidable weapon of Apple in the iPhon industry. The only factors estimated to affect its price is the value of currency and the state of the economy at the time of its release.

According to some rumors, the iPhone 7 will have a Duo Core A6 processor having a speed of 1 GHz, an internal storage capacity of at most 200 GB, a screen having a size of 4” along with loads and loads of in-built applications.

Praying for iPhone 7!

Moreover, the iPhone 7 will be free from hardware buttons technology and will enter into the phase of touch screen in its entirety. These and various other features of the upcoming model of iPhone make it the ultimate choice for future phones.